Does QuickBooks Online work with FireFox, Safari, and/or can I use it on a Mac?

Yes Quickbooks work online and with Firefox and Safari can be used on Mac.

Does QuickBooks Online Edition support inventory and purchase orders like the desktop version of QuickBooks? Will it ever?

Quickbooks online includes PO functionality and basic inventory for additional $9.95 per month. You can track quantity on one hand and then issue basic purchase orders. It can be for many small businesses that will be sufficient. However there are chances that you still need something robust. Couple of products can be integrated online which helps you to manage inventory and other functions which are missing from Quickbooks online. One can use OE companion or Intuit marketplace for other solutions. Make it sure that one is designed to work with Quickbooks online which does not support the desktop version.

What about PayPal integration, import from Excel, IIF, etc.?

Unfortunately not you need to go through the answer about inventory. Quickbooks online does not provide you the features from out-of-the box. You just need a 3rd party add on to enable the features.

Should I get QuickBooks Online Edition?

If you want to get Quickbooks online then it totally depends on your needs. I personally recommend it as the Quickbooks manage a service business and I think QBOE is great. I also wish it has some more features, but the convenience of having access anywhere combined with the beat. In that manner there are also limitations which have been described above.

How different is QuickBooks Online from the desktop version?

I have used Quickbooks online and Quickbooks Pro for many years. Both of them are quite different. The best thing which one can do is that online version is essentially a subset of the desktop version. If one wants to replicate the full functionality of the desktop version in the online version, you just need add on products.

Can I get reports emailed to me automatically?

Here is one tip that has been recovered recently.
  • You should go to your favorite report in QBOE.
  • After that choose “memorize”. One can find the memorize button in the left corner of the report screen.
  • After that a window pops up, you have to choose “add this report to a group.”
  • Then click add new and enter “Test” or whatever name you want.
  • Once you go on the reports menu, go to memorized reports.
  • Then you need to choose ok.
  • After that select the name of the report and choose edit.
  • Then you need to click on the box which says “Set the e-mail schedule for this group”.
  • Then you need to fill out the form and set the schedule as you wish.
  • Thus you get the report which will automatically be generated and emailed to the people whom you choose on the schedule.

How do I use the shortcut menu?

You need to know first where the shortcuts menu in QBOE is, and if you don’t use it you should. It takes forever to get to some of the favorite screen in Quickbooks online. If you want to check your accounts receivable you have to do the following things:
  • You need to g o to customers.
  • After that click customer overview.
  • Then you need to click on A/R aging summary.

These are the only three steps which you need to follow. Well the issue is that the customer overview page can take forever to load. It sometimes loads rather slowly which means that click is slightly off target and can take you to wrong page. Then it really takes a long time.

Can I download a local copy of my data for backup or offline use?

You need to go to the company menu and then choose export your data. After that click the link which says “Local Copy Interview.” You need to proceed through the interview and download a copy of your data for local storage. Now you cannot do anything with this local copy so it is nothing more than peace of mind rather than anything else.

Where is the loan manager feature in QuickBooks Online?

The loan manager feature is available only on the desktop edition of Quickbooks. You just need a third party add on like OE companion. If a person needs loan manager functionality in the online version then OE companion is needed.

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